Indie Managers Association Re-launches Web Site

Indie Managers Association Re-Launches Site Self-Managed ArtistsThe Indie Managers Association (IMA) re-launched a new website with a new members-only section for independent music management and self-managed artist communities. From the Music Industry News Network press release:

Indie Managers Association, a company that provides resources to educate and promote this and the next generation of personal music managers and self-managed artists, took a major step in its re-launch with the announcement of a new members-only section on its company website. The company announced added benefits and resources that make the job of management and self-management easier, more rewarding and less frustrating. The company also launched the IMA Artist Observatory Radio, an internet radio station featuring music from its Members.
The service resembles that of a coupon club — after paying an upfront membership fee ($75) you’re offered a number of discounts on other services not provided by the IMA itself (see the “Benefits” section). Not too shabby, not too amazing. On another note, the website contributes to the discussion regarding the term “indie” (triggered in a comment to an earlier post about Bitmunk). IMA uses the term “self-managed artists”, which suggests entrepreneurial independence without hampering community development. An interesting alternative. What do you think? ]]>






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  1. JennyJ Avatar

    I like this term “self-managed artist” if that is what you are using it for, but “indie” still brings more connotations to me than just that. It sort of connotes a break from the main stream type of music too, although that could be residual feelings from a term that has changed in meaning anyway.

    That being said, the term is good, but it’s SO LONG. The great thing about “indie” is that it’s short! I don’t even want to type that S.M.A. expression in again myself. But keep looking! I say, we should have a garagespin contest to submit other SHORT terms that could replace “indie” (if you really are looking to replace it). And we take the best one, and coin that term until it becomes the word on the, ahem, “indie” street.

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