Indie Labels Form New Trade Group

American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) was formed last week by a group of 125 independent record labels to give them more leverage with the four major music labels, John Borland reported. CEO of TVT Records and member of the A2IM’s board of directors, Steve Gottlieb, explained:

Manufactured pop culture is disintegrating before your eyes as the Net takes hold, but some of these institutional biases hold on and continue into new media. Any arrangement that treats music differently by virtue of it being owned by multinationals is not a good strategy and is doomed to fail.
A2IM is following paths taken by similar organizations that have successfully leveraged collective influence in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The group is focusing primarily on the transformation of the music market online and in other digital distribution mediums. Independent content aggregators such as IODA, the Digital Rights Agency, and The Orchard have helped strengthen independent artists’ collective bargaining power. A2IM hopes to take it to another level. Hey, I think it’s great news. Most of the musician community tends to agree. ]]>






2 responses to “Indie Labels Form New Trade Group”

  1. joe Avatar

    does anyone have a list of which labels are part of this group?

  2. mike b Avatar

    Good question, Joe. I haven’t been able to find the A2IM roster, yet.

    The organization’s site itself is still under contruction. ( Hopefully, it’ll be available soon.

    If anyone does find a roster, please let us know!

    -Mike B

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