Improv Everywhere Fakes a Band's Audience at a Gig

Improv Everywhere is a comedy/improv group that creates scenes by laying out a series of actions in public spaces with numerous ‘actors’ — their latest feat involved over 200 people freezing in poses throughout Grand Central Station, while onlookers and tourists scratched their heads.

In an earlier feat, ImprovEverywhere fabricated an audience for the band Ghost of Pasha.  Imagine this — your band has only been together 3 months, you have 6 recorded songs and no album, you’re playing your 4th gig ever on a Sunday night at 10:00 PM, and expect noone to show up.  Instead, a rowdy, enthusiastic crowd of 40+ people show up cheering, requesting songs, and singing all the lyrics…then disappear.

Understandably, the band was completely baffled.  Is it cruel?  Or an ultimate band fantasy?  I’m undecided…I think the concept is friggin brilliant, but the band must have been sorely bummed after learning the audience was fake (they were, initially).  NPR interviewed both sides of the story here…good story.







2 responses to “Improv Everywhere Fakes a Band's Audience at a Gig”

  1. PXR8 Avatar

    Sorely bummed? I don’t think so. As Picasso said “the majority judges art in relation to its success.” If their music is any good they should be able to capitalize on this.

  2. garagespin Avatar

    PXR8: actually, we’re both right…in their interview they said they were initially bummed, and even received nasty email making fun. BUT, they got over it, responded well, got an interview in Spin magazine, and got a call from a label… I’m not sure where they are now, but at least they did eventually leverage the experience and make some ‘lemonade’ out of it. 🙂

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