IFPI Accuses Blogger of Infringing, Then Interviews Him

Classic.  The International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) emailed Dave Allen, writer editor at music/mp3 blog Pampelmoose, asking him to remove an "infringing" Portishead mp3.  He did, and after so doing, they asked to interview him about blogs, the evolving music industry, online music promotion, etc. for their new site, Pro-Music.

A little like asking to borrow change from someone you’ve just punched in the gut…but at least they’re asking questions, realize that the industry is changing, and recognize how important online channels and filters have become for breaking new acts.

There are both good questions and good answers — one in particular was a good read:

7) As a blogger, how can you ensure you don’t infringe the rights of artists that don’t want their music made available for free online?

Ah, the trick question finally….just kidding. Before answering I have to ask a question – Why would artists or labels not want their music, say just one track, available for music fans to hear or download? There have been so many past examples of music being made free or close to it – one that jumps out is the Columbia House record club where CDs could be had for five cents! Talk about devaluing music…. The usual outlets that provided free access to music – radio, TV, MTV have all been co-opted in the USA so music fans looking for the latest and greatest are forced to the internet to discover what’s new. If artists, especially new and upcoming artists, are to get heard through the white noise of media they have to work closely on their relationship with their fans. Andrew Dubber, who runs a site called New Music Strategies, has this to say:

“The new (music) model is about starting an ongoing economic relationship with a community of enthusiasts. It’s about attention and repeat engagement. It’s about letting go of the idea of the individual transaction and the ‘lost sale’ of a pirate download. CDs and mp3s are increasingly souvenirs of an engagement with a musical experience, rather than the occasion for the experience itself.”

 Good answer.  (Also a nice quote by Dubber, included for good measure.)  Fun stuff.  Full interview here.







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