I Want an Apple iPhone

The most anticipated event of the MacWorld conference took place today, in which Steve Jobs announced the launch of the Apple iPhone.  Holy cow.  This thing is UNBELIEVABLE — iPod, phone, and internet browser combined.  (more iphone extras here) There’s only ONE BUTTON…otherwise, the entire friggin phone is just one big touch screen:

Steve Jobs unveils the Apple iPhone

It’s worth scrolling through Engadget’s minute-by-minute transcription of the keynote presentation which includes pics and dialogue.  iPhones will launch in June, with a 4GB iPhone costing $499, and an 8GB iPhone costing $599.  Only 355 days until Christmas!

Update: Not everyone is getting on the iPhone hype train…like Taylor.  He’s probably just jealous ’cause he’s stuck with a Motorola Q or something.  🙂

Update 2: So, in case you haven’t heard, the iPhone has launched.  Be sure to keep your eyes on any new iPhone Extras that come around the corner…








6 responses to “I Want an Apple iPhone”

  1. Jay Avatar

    Wow. Too bad it’s an Apple. Actually, too bad they picked Cingular, of all service providers. From experience, they seem pretty bottom o’ the barrel.

  2. MikeB Avatar

    Really? I’ve only tried Sprint and Cingular…Sprint was horrible, I never got reception. Now I have Cingular, and I’ve been pretty happy with it.

    We’ll see what Motorola puts out in response…in 2009.

  3. Jay Avatar

    Sprint was horrid, especially after the merger with Nextel. AT&T was hit or miss, but so far, for me, Verizon has been the best of the bunch. I wish I could get over the whole “anti-Apple” thing, because that iPhone does seem pretty sweet.

  4. Taylor Avatar

    355? Count again…

  5. Taylor Avatar

    A Q?

    Actually, I’m old-school. An old Nokia 3200-something…

  6. applecasesforiphone Avatar

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