I may be coming back to this blog…

Kompoz.com, and thought it might be an easy way to get back into the groove — i.e. I can go and help other people finish their songs, which relieves myself of the self-induced pressure I experience when I work on my own stuff. The hope is, I’ll “learn” how to crank material out, and not overthink things, like I usually do. (My song avalanche is now on version 18!) We’ll see what happens. If it works, I’ll start posting progress updates here on the ol’ blog. Wish me luck — I’ll need it!]]>







14 responses to “I may be coming back to this blog…”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    Best of luck! I know the feeling!

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    Best of luck man! If you come back we will having good thing to listen after a long time

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    Come back soon, man!

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  6. Tara Avatar

    It is sooo hard to find time for creative pursuits, amidst working, having a family, a house, all that "life" stuff! But you have such amazing talent, and I hope you can get over the stumbling blocks and complete what you want to complete! We love Garagespin!!!!!!

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  14. GarageSpin Avatar

    Ok, no, really, I’m coming back soon. 🙂

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