How Uncle Sam Can Help You Shoot Your Music Video for Free

using a US law to shoot a music video for free. That’s what the band The Get Out Clause did (except it was in the UK).  From the Future of Media:

“The band set up their music equipment, from microphones to drum kit, in eighty different locations, including buses and what appear to be taxi cabs, and then requested all of the footage using the Data Protection Act, an English statute similar to the U.S.’s Freedom of Information Act that mandates any individual should have access to all information collected about them.”

Pretty sweet.  Now yes, granted, though the footage was free, the travel expenses and editing costs probably weren’t.  But it’s still an awesome idea.  The video looks great, and the song…well…I’ll let you form your own opinion:
Who will be the first band in the US to accomplish the same feat?  (Thanks Taylor! Via chasejarvis; via Telegraph)]]>





4 responses to “How Uncle Sam Can Help You Shoot Your Music Video for Free”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    This is such a brilliant idea!! Nice vid, thanks for posting.

    1. Mike Avatar

      I expect to see a music video now 🙂

    2. GarageSpin Avatar

      Totally agree, Sarah. The originator of the idea is a genius. 🙂

  2. GarageSpin Avatar

    Mike: Heh, heh. I need to finish some audio first…. But yeah, I'd absolutely love trying to do something like this…

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