How to Get a Google+ (Plus) Invite

1. Just Ask Google for a Google+ Invite. When in doubt, just ask.  You can sign up for Google Plus here.  However, it may take a while, per their message, “We’re still ironing out a few kinks in Google+, so it’s not quite ready for everyone to climb aboard. But, if you want, we’ll let you know the minute the doors are open for real. Cool? Cool.”

2. Write for, or at least read, Mashable or Techcrunch.

Google has been using these social blogs to help launch their social media initiatives, including Google+.  As such, employees get immediate access, and readers can enter various contests for various related giveaways, including this one for a Google+ invite contest.

3.  Buy a GooglePlus Invite on eBay

Yup, capitalism is in full force, and eBay sellers are cashing in.  I’ve seen Google+ Plus invites being sold on a “Buy It Now” basis for $1.00, as well as in auctions that are up to $15.00 with 24 hours to go.  If you’re desperate enough to pay to play, head to eBay.  (I didn’t plan on it, but ended up shelling out a buck, just to see if I’d actually receive an invite.  I’ll let you know how it works out.)  [UPDATE:  I tried to buy a Google+ invite, and failed.  Google may be capping invites.  ANOTHER UPDATE:  Yes, Google had capped invites, but they’re now apparently back on.  Beg a friend to invite you to a “Circle”, and you’re in!]

4.  Wait a Few Weeks for Google+ Plus

I can guarantee this — anyone who wants a GooglePlus invite, will get one within less than three months.  The same was true when the Gmail invite rush took place.  Eventually, invites were worth less than Cold War era Rubles.  If you’re patient, and can suffer through a few more days of Facebook goodness,  just wait it out. Best of luck to all you Google+ user wannabes.  My next question — is there a Google+ Plus Band Page in the platform?  And which music network (ReverbNation, Nibmit, SoundCloud, BandCamp, etc.) will be the first to develop a plugin for it?  We’ll see.]]>





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  1. Helping America See The Light Avatar
    Helping America See The Light

    Where is the +1 button?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Funny you ask. The honest truth is, I really like the "sharing" plugin I'm using, which doesn't currently offer Google+1, yet. That, plus (no pun intended) it hasn't caught on enough throughout the web for me to make the effort to implement it.

      I think Google+ is far more interesting, with some of its unique features…but we'll see if it can make any headway against Facebook, etc.

    2. GarageSpin Avatar

      Hey look — I added the +1 button! 🙂

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  3. jagal Avatar


    I would love an invite! If anyone has one to spare, I'd really appreciate it. It's open again now, I believe…

    it's jacqui.galvin(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Nico Avatar

    here you can buy cheap invites:

  5. Google+ Invitation Avatar

    yeah, I just created a Google+ account from an invitation of my friend. Try it in some minutes, I have some thoughts I want to share with you: Google+ is more simple than Facebook, great way to connect with our friends through Circles

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Great, please share! I'll be trying my account out more this weekend…

  6. Aden NGUYEN Avatar

    Hi all,

    for to get google+ account
    You can see here :


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