Home Recorders Partnering With Pro Recording Studios

Music Dish making a case for why home recorders should partner with professional recording studios. It’s a song clearly sung by anxious recording engineers, but it makes several good points. Dave explains: “DAWs and laptops are great tools for nurturing creative ideas at home or on the road, but only in a collaborative professional environment can artists get a true idea of what might or might not be sonically possible.” An interesting and valid argument. Even the best songwriter and musician doesn’t necessarily have the ability to produce a great track they’ve written. (…which I’m discovering as I try to produce my own music..!) ]]>






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  1. Brent Avatar

    I’m seeing this to be true in many ways. Mastering has become the same way. When we did our last mastering job, we did it at Bernie Grundman’s in Hollywood. They are now dropping prices so they still keep the lower budget recording artists coming to them. As DAWs get more and more efficient and A/D covertors get cheaper, the recording world will change even more dramatically.

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