Hit Song Science Offers Free Song Reports

Hit Song Science is giving away free song reports with referrals through December 20th. If you haven’t heard of the service, great, let me “refer” you it so I can get a free report. 🙂 Basically, Hit Song Science technology analyzes your song, and assigns it a score between 0 and 10. Anything over a “7” is statistically considered a potential “hit.” The score is determined by comparing the songs’s key characteristics (melody, harmony, beat, tempo, rhythm, etc etc) to those in a database of “hits” collected over time. Artists with solid HSS scores in hand may be connected to producers and agents for potential label and/or song deals. So, who’s interested in participating in the referal program, and splitting the cost? We poor musicians need to stick together..! HSS just recently announced Mike McCready’s success story here. ]]>






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