Hit Factory Recording Studio Closes, Due to Home Recording

It looks like we (home recording musicians) are part of an industry-changing movement. In MTV.com, James Montgomery writes about the Hit Factory Recording Studio, well-known for producing hits by artists such as Springsteen, Lennon, Houston and 50 Cent, Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Paul Simon, Run-DMC, Jay-Z and Beyoncé:

“…the Hit Factory is shutting its doors for good — the victim of technological advances that made home recording cheaper and easier than the big-studio experience.”
Welcome to a world of empowered garage bands. ]]>






3 responses to “Hit Factory Recording Studio Closes, Due to Home Recording”

  1. j.d Avatar

    you suck

  2. T. youngin Avatar
    T. youngin

    thats fukd up but time will tell home studios dnt produce the correct sounda

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