High School Musical 2 Sountrack Rips Billboard Apart

high school musical soundtrackI had sorta heard of Disney’s High School Musical 2 in passing, but had no idea what kind of powerhouse it was until I read today about High School Musical 2 soundtrack reaching #1 in billboard this week (and the movie itself breaking the all-time audience record on basic cable with 17.4 million viewers).  Crazy.

Am I the only one that missed the HSM2 phenomenon?  I did a little digging…HighSchool Musical was about a basketball captain, Troy Bolton, and a smart, new girl, Gabriella Montez, that perform in a school musical against all odds, etc etc.  Simple enough.  Now there is a High School Musical 2 concert tourt, DVD, soundtrack CD, remix, poster, wallpaper, and endless catalogs of other merch.

The High School Musical 2 soundtrack is second only to the latest Linkin Park CD this year in terms of album debuts.  Crazy, I’m tellin’ ya.  I need to rethink my music and lyrics to better hit that tween market…"Spinning Daydream" ain’t no "Breaking Free"…








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  1. Robin Avatar

    I, unfortunately, have been exposed to HSM 1 and 2 due to a niece who I look after occasionally and who insists on being obsessed with it. It’s mediocre entertainment at best, but it really is marketed brilliantly. Disney has always been good at that sort of thing, after all.

    They’re also plugging other acts that are making out like bandits that most of us adults aren’t even aware of: The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, etc. They know their audience very well.

  2. Taylor Avatar

    Dude, you missed it because you’re not 13… at our age, be glad we missed it.

  3. mike b Avatar

    Ah…maybe THAT’s the reason. But then how do you explain my familiarity with Naruto and Sponge Bob Square Pants? 🙂

  4. Tara Avatar

    I’m glad Spinning daydream doesn’t sound like HS Musical! It’s funny that HS Musical has gotten so big, but I guess it’s a nice wholesome thing, bright colors, very old-school disney/saved by the bell…kids can sing along, dance along…definitely not a bad thing for kids to be into. But I think it’s probably for the younger of the tweens, and if older people are into it, it’s probably more for its kitsch value. I did talk with a girl in her late 20s saying how she got into it while babysitting a few years ago, and now loves it. But again, I think it’s a love of the retro old school, and also just probably a mindless pretty thing to watch. But I’ve only seen bits of #2 whilst flipping through channels–and it’s always the same scene on the golf course…or is it?

  5.  Avatar


  6. sequoyah Avatar

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  7. Jaymie McManus Avatar
    Jaymie McManus

    OMG i luv zac efrom he is sooooooooooo HOT! i luv HSM 2

  8. sequoyah magroski Avatar

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