Hey Amazon, CreateSpace is Broken

I was checking out some of the great comments from folks at Nimbit (Kevin Ebaugh), ReverbNation (Jed Carlson), CD Baby (Tony van veen), and TuneCore (Peter Wells)  in the post 7 Ways to Sell Your Music on iTunes, and happened to notice this Google ad on the page for Amazon’s music service, CreateSpace:

createspace banner ad

How nice, a relevant ad regarding digital distribution for indie artists,” I thought.  I clicked to learn more (and not just to earn the $0.05 or so I’d get from the click), and arrived at CreateSpace’s landing page:

createspace landing page

The link titled “Learn more about the selling music as mp3 downloads”, while grammatically incorrect, sounded interesting, so I clicked:

createspace broken page

Wa-wa-wa-waaaaa….  The page was not available, and I, a potential customer (or interested blogger?), left disappointed.  (Ok, so CreateSpace isn’t broken, exactly, but its landing page is.)

Moral: Check your links before spending money on a Google AdWords campaign.








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