Hemp, A Good Way To Start Each Morning

Hemp Plus Granola cereal...must be 4:20 PMYes, Hemp Plus Granola is a real cereal. And tasty, if you like granola-type stuff.  (I happen to.)

It’s an interesting marketing campaign — either they’ll succeed wildly with the 420 crowd, or they’ll get arrested trying.

What’s next…Weed-Os?  Ganja Flakes?  Pot Puffs?  Mary Jane Crunch?







2 responses to “Hemp, A Good Way To Start Each Morning”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    Dude, hemp is not illegal, as you know.

    But hemp still has that marketing appeal and image – think Patagonia hemp clothes- fits their image, but difficult to think of Kenneth Cole admitting to making anything with hemp, nonetheless promoting it based on using hemp.

  2. dreamspin Avatar

    The box’s design is certainly eye-catching…although, I have to say, I only noticed the pot-esque-ness after bringing it home from Trader Joes. But your right, it’s definitely got a marketing appeal for some audiences…

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