Happy Birthday, A2IM

That’s right, July 4th marks the one year anniversary of the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM).  Among its none-too-shabby accomplishments, according to the press release, are:

* A2IM challenged and redefined the perception that the indie sector comprises 18% of the music industry. The actual market-share figure, based on retail sales, is a whopping 28% – larger than any one of the major record companies individually.

*Six weeks after A2IM launched, Apple increased iTunes per-download-pay rate by 7.5% – going from 65 cents to 70 cents paid to indie labels per song.

*Called for fair and uniform change in the relationships between radio and record labels, and is currently consulting with the FCC on a proposed set of universal guidelines.

* Established the A2IM American Independent Pavilion at MIDEM 2006, allowing many indie labels to attend the premiere international music convention for the first time ever.

More respect for Indies, woo-hoo.







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