Handmade Music, Sonic Bananas, and Slime-O-Trons

hand made music at create digital musicCreate Digital Music, MakeZine, and Etsy Labs sponsored a "Handmade Music" night in Brooklyn, NY recently.  Seriously, these people are crazy.  But it’s that lovable kind of crazy that paves the way for brilliance in digital music making.  You need only see the Sonic Banana, Slime-O-Tron, Shock Glove, Beat Blocks, and the Singing Fish-related device to understand.  I’m so inspired, I may trash my acoustic guitar and convert my Super Nintendo into a MIDI keyboard.

Check out video clips of the event at CDM here, or some pics of the instruments at Make here.  And if that’s not enough, be sure to check out the Paper-made music event, also recently hosted by CDM, Make, Etsy Labs, and Popular Science.







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