Guitars R Us — Basics, Modifications, Brands, Effects

Guitar Modifications GaloreIf you’re a guitar geek, or even an aspiring guitar geek, you should check out Alex’s Electronic Modifications for Guitar. This site is absolutely awesome. Alex provides numerous guitar modification tutorials, starting with basic explanations of guitar functionality, guitar schematics, guitar components, and modification techniques, and dives into step-by-step explanations of how to execute various axe-enhancing “power-ups.” (Think of the show “Choppers” converted into one that revolves around electric guitars instead of motorcycles). “Why would I ever want to slice and dice my guitar,” you ask? Alex explains, it’s cheap, easy, and makes your guitar sound sweet. I would LOVE to take my modify my Epiphone Les Paul Standard in the same way he does here. Man, do I need a soldering iron… (thanks for the tip, Ryan!) ]]>






4 responses to “Guitars R Us — Basics, Modifications, Brands, Effects”

  1. benajmin Avatar

    im looking to by this new black left handed gibson guitar off my friend brand new for 1,500 do you think it is worth it?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Benjamin: Try watching a couple similar auctions in eBay to see what prices similar guitar eventually get sold for…

  2. darren Avatar

    were can i find a pickgaurd for my epi sg special

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