Guitar Hero 4? No, Rock Band by Harmonix

Rock Band video gameIf you can’t be in a rock band, or your band just plain stinks, the game Rock Band is for you.  I had a chance to play it during the Christmas break, and it was totally awesome.

Harmonix, maker of Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II (Guitar Hero 3 was released by someone else), created a game where multiple people play drums, sing, and play guitar to wow a virtual audience.  If you suck, you get boo-ed off the stage.

As a singer/guitarist, I of course gravitated to the drum set all night.  AWESOME.  Play this game if you get the chance.

"We’re gonna take the power back!!"

UPDATE:  Ok, this is somewhat related — I just noticed these free offers for Guitar Hero…if interested, check ’em out:







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