GorillaPop, Community Music Discovery Site

gorillapop.JPGGorillaPop is a community music discovery site in development that contains a library of music submitted by independent artists. Users can search, play, rate, and create playlists for music, while music matching algorithms are used to connect users with similar tastes, profiles, and song choices. Founder/creator/sound designer, Lance Massy, hopes to make the site profitable, and eventually pay artists based on plays. Noble. Like GarageSpin, GorillaPop could use some web design help. (for example: White Text on Yellow Background = Bad) Otherwise, I like what Lance is trying to accomplish. The networking and discovery functionality reminds me somewhat of the social networking that takes place in MySpace. Further, Lance has licensed GorillaPop with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, and has integrated CDBaby ‘purchase’ links throughout the site. He’s moving in a good direction, and trying to do the right thing by crediting artists for their work. Keep an eye on GorillaPop. Check out Anne Freeman’s (Music Dish editor) interview with Lance here, for more info. ]]>






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