Gmail and Woot Impressed Me Today

I was doubly impressed while checking email today.  First, Gmail’s new themes were pretty cool — I’m going with the Ninja theme myself, currently:

Woot ad on Gmail 

Then, I noticed the extremely well-targeted ad — you can see it in the middle of the picture above.  In case it’s too tiny to read, here’s the message:

"WOOT Recording Computers –

Tired of freezing your tracks?  Eat those plugins for lunch!"

They know me too well.  But then I clicked on the link, and was further impressed…the software displayed on the computer in the ad is my very own Cakewalk Sonar:

woot ad about sonar computer 

Kudos to the advertisers…except now I’m looking over my shoulder, wondering where the hidden camera is…  Maybe I need to randomly purchase crap I don’t need to throw off the recommendation engines…like a Care Bear…or Fit Flops…or a subscription to Guns and Ammo…







2 responses to “Gmail and Woot Impressed Me Today”

  1. Tara Avatar

    Yes, do fit flops! Then you can keep abreast of my world!

    But yeah–that is weird how they target so well. I’ve received emails from distraught friends and then the ad will be for some therapy thing up top. I find it fascinating. They have done a good job–but I know it does freak some people out!

  2. GarageSpin Avatar

    Indeed, pretty crazy..!

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