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Fuse-Unsigned-Band-Music-Video-Search.JPGSteven’s Untitled Rock Show, is launching Steven’s Unsigned Band Search, which will be selecting and playing a new unsigned band music video every week. On November 30th, some big prize will be awarded to the best unsigned band, though the prize is a secret. (Maybe it’ll be a DVD compilation of the best takes from Fuse’s Pants Off Dance Off series, oh joy!). If you’ve got a music video, upload it on Fuse here. When you’re big ‘n’ famous, remember the little people. ]]>



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13 responses to “Get Your Music Video Played on Fuse TV”

  1. bobbie peru Avatar

    HI, we are an unsigned band and wondering how to get featured by you. We are going to upload our video…

  2. Wayne Avatar

    My name is wayne cashello and im from west yorkshire check out all my vids on youtube including my funny new carling black label advert where me and my mate from halifax strip naked to grease is the word song and to watch it just go on internet on your computer and type CASHELLO.ZZL.Org oyeah im the guy in the shades incase u was wandering

  3. wasiu aka Mr.squre head Avatar

    Hey?how are you doing world! My name is wasiu aka Mr.squre head.I am really trying to get heard. I don’t mean to be arogant,but what I do “I am the best”,I just don’t have any exposure. If you are looking for something diffrent call me (678)760-0819. My music is the way of life!

  4. Verne Avatar

    Yo wasiu wasup man? My name is Verne a.k.a V.Wat. I heard your song “Circles” today and I just thought that it was fire. I am a songwriter trying to get exposure just as well. Feel free to check me out on myspace. My name is V.Wat once again and I am asking everyone out there to HEAR MY VOICE! Songwriting is what I do. Making o-so hot music is who I am. Just contact me and we can go from there. I appreciate it!!

    New year..New attitude

    V.Wat–The songwriter

  5. mike Avatar

    Hey wasiu
    U got to here me out. I am a white male and it don’t matter who u r,music is music and I love ur music. I love circles. I hope u make it cuz I will buy ur album.

  6. 2feezy Avatar

    Yo this is 2feezy aka da 1 and you could hit me up on see if you like my music! and also my website

  7. s3pz_mc Avatar

    how do u put ur videos on here?

  8. s3pz_mc Avatar

    can some1 tell me hw to get my videos on it

  9. redd Avatar

    How do I put a video on here

  10. chirs Avatar

    please contact about putting video on

  11. KADRAE Avatar

    Check out this musical xcerpt from "DANCIN' N2 THE SUN" short film:

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