Get Pumped for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

As Turkey Day approaches, you really can’t beat cuddling up to a YouTube-powered PC monitor with a bowl full of gelatin cranberry sauce and stuffing to watch like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  The great jazz music combined with pisspoor voiceover work are simply timeless.

If you still feel like you’re not quite ready for Thanksgiving, or are still stressed by playing catch-up at work in preparation for the long weekend, then feel free to get turkey-fied and unwind with the Chuck, the ever-hopeful fieldgoal-kicking whiz kid we all love to feel sorry for..  Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown:







2 responses to “Get Pumped for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

  1. Tara Avatar

    When I watched this as a kid, I remember asking my mother, when the gang was all singing “Over the river and through the woods”–why aren’t they singing at the same time?

    My mother explained the director etc. probably wanted to make it clear it was just a bunch of kids singing, so they had them sing off a little bit. I always thought that was weird. I was just a little kid and when I sang a well-known song with others, I sang it at the same time, not a beat behind or ahead of them. And even if you start a little off beat, eventually people merge into the same tempo etc.

    So that would be my one complaint for the director of that classic cartoon. Give the kids more credit and let them sing a little more in time with each other (they can still be off pitch after all).

    Other than that–the quiet moments are priceless. I loved watching the food preparation for the Thanksgiving. The butter and toast, the popcorn…

  2. GarageSpin Avatar

    Yup, there are definitely some nice moments in this. (I was overly harsh with the ‘poor’ comment.) Unfortunately, the clip in my post is only the first 3rd of the entire special…the other two thirds are more difficult to find than I thought…

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