GarageSpin Music Update and BBQs

We hosted three, yes three BBQs this last weekend.  "Quick Lighting" charcoal is truly the best invention.  Ever.  One match and woosh!  Instant ball-o-flame.

I also got to work on music, which was great:

  • Helped Tara (of Girl Crusade) begin recording her second song, "The Rumor Song".  She sure knows how to bust out girly rhymes.  Everything is finished, we just need to add a little instrumentation to the verses.
  • Completed arrangements for all guitar parts for "Take a Stand" (which I plan to double track for that oh-so-full sound), as well as a 4-part cello section that will make up the end of the song; I thought it might be cool to END with a bridge, instead of slipping it into the midle of the song…I’m crazy like that.  (Pssst.  Here’s a little secret…I plan on asking YOU to contribute your fine vocal talents for the bridge part for an amazing, crowd-sourced, 100-voice group sing!)  Cellos are hard to play, but loop recording rocks.
  • Still considering various band name alternatives…sigh.  I must figure one out asap.






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  1. Tara Avatar

    Thank you, Mike, for your encouragement of The Rumor Song coming up! You are an awesome producer (not to mention singer/songwriter)! Honored you’ve taken Girl Crusade on as a project. And hey, barbeques will only be able to last for so long in the northeast, so take ’em while they last!

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