Garagespin Music Juicy Update Bits

Exciting times are afoot — after weeks of hiatus, I’ve been getting back to music, finally:

  • Take A Stand:  My next song, Take a Stand (title may change?), is sounding good.  Funny, after spending weeks agonizing over multiple chord progressions for the chorus, I basically settled with the progression I started with.  I recently upgraded from Sonar 3 to Sonar 6, which took some getting used to, but I’m loving it now.  One cool thing:  I WANT YOU TO BE IN THE SONG.  More on that soon…
  • Spinning Daydream:  My first song, Spinning Daydream, has been getting some love, lately.  I was hoping to create a new mp3 in Sonar 6 (should sound better) before posting it on Podsafe music sites, Creative Commons, and the like…apparently, I need to do that a little sooner.  I’m really excited about a Remix of the song Pimpstress RaH is working on.  More soon…
  • The Nose Job Song:  I recorded playwright Tara Meddaugh‘s "The Nose Job Song".  It’s genius.  Sort of a Legally Blonde meets Eminem.  Or something.  A music video is currently being planned as well…fun stuff.
  • My 1st Music for Video:  I created music that may be used in a video clip that will intro a new website being launched.  However, this is sort of "non-news", since they might not use the music, and the website’s launch is classified.  If I told you its name, I’d have to kill you.  It was fun to do, anyway.

There you have it.  What projects have you been working on, lately, or not?







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  1. Jay Avatar

    Looking forward to “Take a Stand,” and to Tara’s song. My interest has been picqued (or is it piqued? or peaked? No dictionary at hand, but you get the idea).

    I will say that you’ve inspired me to clean the dust off the ol’ bass geetar and re-sharpen my skills…y’know, just in case DreamSpin ever plays Letterman….

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