GarageSpin Chosen for Microsoft Sponsored Songs Program

ReverbNation & Microsoft Sponsored SongsGarageSpin was one of 1,000 bands (selected from over 400,000 at ReverbNation) to be part of the newly launched Sponsored Songs program that Microsoft is sponsoring. What This Means For…

YOU: You can download my song “Spinning Daydream (Acoustic Remix)” for free, an acoustic remix exclusively available through the program (along with 999 more exclusive tracks from other bands).

MICROSOFT: Microsoft gets to slap their logo on 1,000 pieces of album art, as well as generate awareness for their new Windows on Myspace presence.

ME: I get $0.50 per download, up to a $50 cap, and bragging rights.

Bands were selected by Reverbnation based on a combination of fan counts, song plays, song downloads, and profile visits, leveraging fan activity to drive the selection process.  As I write this, GarageSpin is #34 in the Alternative category, and #404 across all categories.  Check out the 1,000 song catalog, the songs are actually pretty good (and if you feel so compelled and/or generous, please download mine while you’re at it 😉 ). More detail is available in ‘social media speak’ in the press release, as well as at Marty’s blog (Microsoft Group Marketing Manager and Social Media Strategist).  Some interesting discussions have spawned at Hypebot, with artists both praising and trashing the new program.  Healthy debate stuff.  Some artists think the caps are insulting, whereas others are psyched about the promotion. As a social media marketer, I think it’s a pretty sleek way to drive brand enhancement and awareness.  As an artist, I appreciate the promotion, payout, and press kit-building opportunities.  As a music fan, I enjoy wallet-free music discovery.  Kudos, Did I already mention the “Spinning Daydream (Acoustic Remix)” free download?  I did?  Nevermind, then…  (Hey, the baby needs a new onesy…)]]>







4 responses to “GarageSpin Chosen for Microsoft Sponsored Songs Program”

  1. Jenny J Avatar
    Jenny J

    This is AWESOME!! I downloaded right away so hopefully I'm one of the people who microsoft pays you for (but there is a good chance I am after $50 for you). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song. And it's so nice of you and them to offer it for free to us!

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Thanks, Jenny. Yup, despite the Apple ads, Microsoft is not nearly as square as we all thought. 😉

  2. VS23 Avatar

    Congratulations! That is so awesome. I just heard your band for the first time today but I definitely think you deserve it. I'll be downloading the track now so there's 50 cents for ya. 😉

  3. RememberWhatVideoDid Avatar

    Apparently music is now corporate sponsored.

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