GarageSpin: A Look Back and a Look Forward

In January 2009, GarageSpin will hit its 4th birthday.  What’s changed?  I write about the music industry less; there seem to be so many music blogs now that cover the ‘news’, I’m less motivated to. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned?  New tools and portals and discovery channels come and go — they’re most useful to the earliest adopters who become "poster childs" for those services…those that follow generally get buried in the noize.  Only truly unique and creative ideas cut through the clutter.  Staying power is then determined by music quality and hype maintenance.  The DIY world is still as awesome and exciting as ever; I’m psyched to get my own music out into the world next year.

Anyway, I’ll stop there — this was supposed to be a short post.  🙂 Here’s a quick glance at how itself evolved, courtesy of the Wayback Machine:

GarageSpin’s Beginning:

 GarageSpin's Beginning

GarageSpin Today:

GarageSpin Today 

GarageSpin Tomorrow:

GarageSpin Tomorrow 

The last screenshot above was taken of the first draft of the new, WordPress-powered GarageSpin.  It’ll look better once it’s tweaked, but for now, I’m struggling to get the thing launched (and have been for several months).  In any case, I’m psyched for the new engine and new design.  Here’s to 2009.







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