GarageBand Hardware: M-Audio iControl

M-Audio iControl GarageBand HardwareGarageBand users should be psyched. M-Audio produced the first custom-tailored hardware for Apple’s GarageBand including software knobs, buttons, and fake wood panels. Create Digital Music reviews iControl here, and gives the following wrap-up:

GOOD M-Audio: Intuitive layout. Big jog wheel. Full editing. Cheap. BAD M-Audio: Knobs saved space (and price, too), but I like faders. Not useful with other apps.
Check out Gear Junkies for additional info. I love M-Audio gear, and this latest piece looks quite good. They’re making a smart move by filling a need for a very, very popular product. ]]>






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  1. Brandon Avatar

    Its not a comment. I was wondering if their is an adapter to connect a conventional mic to IMIC

  2. Icontrol Avatar


    iControl WebStudio is a packaged Web System, specifically designed for the non technical user, that unites content managemen…

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