GarageBand 3 Hits The Streets

GarageBand 3, Apple iLife '06I’m sure you’ve heard that Apple’s GarageSpin 3, er, GarageBand 3 is out.  Many of the new features involve beefing up podcasting options.  Some of the new features include:

  • Insert images/photos
  • More sound effects, instruments
  • Speech enhancer
  • iWeb (web publishing)
  • iChat (conference recording)
  • iMovie scoring (sync audio to video clips)
  • Enhanced media browsing

Pretty cool.  Granted, if all you’re interested in is creating music, there isn’t a big difference from GarageBand 2.  Podcasters, however, will kill for this app.  Unfortunately for GB2 users, no upgrade price is available; you’ll have to buy the entire iLife ’06 suite.

Some nice first impressions:

TUAW:  GarageBand 3: First Impressions

MacInTouch:  GarageBand 3: Reader Reports








2 responses to “GarageBand 3 Hits The Streets”

  1. Peter Kirn Avatar

    I’d say the video scoring feature is BIG — in the educational market, bigger than the podcasting thing. And it’s all the more reason to gripe that Ableton Live doesn’t have a video window. (The excellent ReWire-based ReVision app on the Mac from Granted Software, now part of, is broken under current OSes.)

    Still waiting for my copy. 😉

  2. MikeB Avatar


    You’re absolutely right, great point. We talk so often about music production tools reaching unsigned bands, etc. What about music video production? That’s going to become huge awfully fast…

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