Garage Radio Offers Streaming Audio Solution To Indie Bands

Garage Radio K-Amp Streaming Plug-In For Indie BandsGarage Radio is adding another digital media tool to garage bands’ online toolbox:

The K-AMP Player is a web-based service and solutions provider that enables website owners and administrators to audiocast their own web-based audio player using K-AMP’s web-enabled media management solution.
K-AMP removes the need for a media player on the user’s part, and removes the threat of bandwidth expense because the streaming is handled by K-Amp’s servers. Indie bands can just copy and paste the applicable code into their websites, and they’re rocking. Many indie music webhosting services already provide music streaming and downloading functionality. However, K-Amp should be able to serve certain niche indie band groups, such as independent musicians running free blogs that could use a streaming solution. Still, player packages aren’t free; Garage Radio prices start at under $10 per month. ]]>






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