From Movable Type to WordPress..?

So, I’ve been thinking about switching GarageSpin from Movable Type to the latest version of WordPress for a long time.  Mostly for the amazing plugin support WP has, and because of the many, many, many free WP templates/themes that have populated the ‘net.

The biggest challenges (to me, anyway), are moving all my content, posts, pages, images, links, feeds, etc over to the new platform without breaking anything. But Scott Andrew and Taylor Davidson seem to think that’s the easy part.  I’ll also need to either pick a free theme, or have one custom built.  Of course, that requires a wallet with actual money in it, so hm.  But something are some amazing designers out there that I know could knock my socks off.  We’ll see.

I’ve already launched several microsites using WP, and am pretty happy with it.   (One actually made over $1000 over a couple months…crazy!)  It’s the whole I-don’t-want-to-break-GarageSpin that scares me.







3 responses to “From Movable Type to WordPress..?”

  1. Bruce Houghton Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about doing the same for Hypebot and its scary stuff. Given the relative simplicity of your design I think it could work. I’m also curious about your micro-sites. Come on share – publicaly or privately.

  2. Neil Lolin Avatar

    Make sure you setup a feasible deadline and an announcement to your users and readers…

    WordPress is indeed powerful and wonderful. But the temptation of moving out from something that is working (and not even broken) is a risk you must be willing to take.

    Is it worth it? That’s gonna be your call man.

    Whatever it may be, cheers!

  3. Michael Avatar

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