Freestyle Rapping on Rhapsody Radio

Sprint and RealNetworks give birth to Rhapsody RadioHey freestyle rappers, check it. You can now bust da rhymes on ya mobile phone. Beats N Breaks is a freestyle rap service being offered through Rhapsody Radio, a new offering launched yesterday by RealNetworks and Sprint. I can’t wait to start rap battling everyone on the subway on the way to work… ]]>






8 responses to “Freestyle Rapping on Rhapsody Radio”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    I can’t wait to hear you rap battling 🙂

    But seriously- mobile music is the US is going to be hampered until the revenue model is altered. The data networks are not there quite yet, but they will be. But the pricing for data services remains too high for mobile music services to really attract many users, especially with the closed networks.

    Sorry for the diversion, I know the audience is home recording and independent music more than anything else, but I just think people should re-think how customers use music over mobile phones.

    I think something like the podcast Indie 6 (thanx!) would work well- mobile music at this point should be more around short-term diversions, clips, shows, etc. Streamed podcasts would work great 🙂

  2. Matt Hite Avatar

    What the heck is a “freestyle rap service”?

  3. misha Avatar

    Freestyle Rap Service…great question. According to the press release, the service “.. features the beats from many of today’s most popular songs and allows subscribers to “freestyle” rap to the instrumental tracks.”

    So, I’m assuming your phone basically loops instrumental tracks while you make up your own lyrics. Er, that sounds sorta like a simple ringtone, doesn’t it? …It’s all about the marketing spin, I guess..!

  4. MikeB Avatar

    Taylor…trust me, you do NOT want to hear me rap battle. Migita-migita-mack is all I have to say.

    Great points regarding wireless technology. You know, all of this is really moot, anyway. Once Google’s telecom network is up and running, we’ll all be using Google PDA/phone/chat/IM/mp3 player/tv remote control devices anyway… 😉

    But you’re right. Mobile pricing models in the US (pay-per-play/use) are screwed up. We should learn from the models used in Europe and Japan, where mobile is flourishing.

    Enjoy Indie 6 podcasts! I love the show.

  5. Matt Hite Avatar

    Free style rapping…. okay, so I bust some lyrics over my loops and then what? I just don’t get this… is this some new fad that’s about to blow up or something?

  6. Dale williams Avatar
    Dale williams

    freestyle rapping is in because everyone wants to rap and show dat dey got skills . also its all about the respect! HOLLA

  7. Bigga b Avatar
    Bigga b

    Yo whats up!

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