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After writing about the beat making video from YouTube the other day, I admired the simplicity of copying and pasting video code from sites like YouTube, Video Code Zone, etc. into virtually any website. The whole Web 2.0 phenomenon is amazing. Anyone with a MySpace site can turn their “Space” into a multimedia cornucopia. The media choices have evolved from smileys and favicons to song playlists and music videos, which are now common MySpace site embellishments. There are a ton of YouTube knock off sites. Since GarageSpin is all about da muzik, for kicks, I looked around at some of the best free music video code sites music fans seem to love (legal or not), then checked out a few music video code hosting sites for bands looking to create, edit, and host music videos for viewing by the general public (and potential rabid fans). Free Music Video Code Sites YouTube – Duh. The ‘Tube has exploded with something like 70% share of the video sharing market with millions of archived video clips available for viewing. The majority of offerings are non-music video code options, but it’s worth mentioning first since such a huge volume of folks visit the site daily. Users can paste generic video code into any site for viewing. Video Code Zone – One of the most popular free music video code sites, it has 12,000 free music videos ready for some copy ‘n’ paste madness. A nice option is the ability to copy and paste music customized video code for My Space, Xanga, Piczo, Tagged, Friendster, MSN, and Bebo. Music Jesus – Another popular site with over 20,000 free music video codes targeting MySpace and other personal sites. Video code options include generic website code, pop-up window code, an auto-MySpace-add button, and an iframe option. Do they really need to violate one of the ten commandments, though? Video Codes 4 U – This site claims over 16,000 music video html codes, but is so cluttered with ads and pop up windows, it’s almost not worth navigating. However, it still seems to be a highly visited site. Options include free auto-play, manual play, and pop-up music video codes. Google Video – Google recently upgraded its own video service to include free, embedded music video codes for videos of all kinds, much like YouTube. Though it’s still new, hey, it’s Google, and is therefore worth keeping an eye on. Perhaps Google Music and Google Video will integrate to offer music videos in the near future? There are many more sources of free music video code, some worse than others. I’ll leave them be. Music Video Code Trends According to Overture, the most popular genres searched for are Reggaeton music video codes and Country music video codes, followed by Arabic, Christian, Rock, Spanish, and Latin. Those wouldn’t have been my first guesses. The most popular bands? In July, Fray, Eminem, Aerosmith, Cassie, and Beyonce music video codes were at the top of the list. Interesting. I’m sure the list varies widely from month to month. Posting Your Own Music Videos So how can new and unsigned bands take advantage of the music video code embedding wave? Well, first you need a place to host your music video. There seem to be many, many, many sites that offer music video hosting services. YouTube is a must because of its reach, as well as Google Video. But you may also want to consider sites such as Tagworld, Vimeo, and VideoEgg. BUT, by far, one of the coolest new sites is Motionbox, which is like YouTube on steroids, with video mash-up capability that exceeds what sites like Grouper and VideoEgg have to offer. Very cool, and very worth checking out. Need more content for your music video mashups? Check out Creative Commons Video for a list of video footage available for use in non-commercial projects under a creative commons license. Yes, if you make it big and make money, you’ll eventually need to pay someone. But that’s a good problem to have. A Couple Video Code Examples Enough of this ramble. I’ll post a couple randomly-selected video clips for your amusement. Do you have a favorite music video clip? Post the URL in a comment below…. Stephen Colbert Vs. Star Wars Kid on YouTube: Take the infamous “star wars kid”, throw in Stephen Colbert footage from Stephen’s green screen challenge, and you’ve got an instant classic. The Streets “Dry Your Eyes” on Video Code Zone: I like YouTube’s embedded video better, since it shows a pic from the video.

Coldplay: “Yellow” (A Remake) on Google: Google’s embedded music video code looks good. Here’s some guy that’s not Coldplay doing his imitation of the Yellow music video. ]]>







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  1. Jenny J Avatar
    Jenny J

    Amazing post, Garagespin! This has so much great information! And Colbert rocks!

  2. MikeB Avatar

    Thanks, Jenny! I may follow up this post with one about straight song and playlist codes. Anything MySpace-related seems to be a popular subject these days…

  3. carolyn Avatar

    I like this page alot good music videos i like that are on here sweeet lol

  4. MikeB Avatar

    Thanks, Carolyn…Yeah, definitely love the Streets. And the poor Star Wars kid clip is a classic. 🙂

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    hideki motosua” width=”425″ height=”350″>

  6. rachael Avatar

    i want my music videos to automatically play so there’s no need for a play button. can u tell me a webiste that does this or what the code is that can be added to my profile?

  7.  Avatar

    what is the name of the song on this site..very nice!

  8. Reza Avatar

    THX U Are a the Lucky

  9. angie Avatar

    hi! thanks so much for sharing this site. it really helped me a lot. my husband’s gonna be so happy. he’s been looking for BOODIES autoplay song for a long time. hehehe! thanks again!

  10. Motiono Avatar

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