Free Music Downloads: How Not to Piss People Off

Bob posted about a seemingly (but not) cool Best Buy music promotion he encountered at Best Buy.  Basically, you’re offered 14 free music downloads at the check out counter.  Cool, right?  To get them, you have to leave Best Buy’s site, and head to Rhapsody’s site.  Then you have to download Rhapsody software…then you have to pre-subscribe to it (you can’t just get the free version)…there are something like 10 hoops to leap through before you get anything resembling an MP3 file.  Sucky.

Bob followed that post up with advice to indie bands on how to use free downloads in an efficient, and value-adding way (i.e. collect an email address).  Interesting.

It all reminded me that I wanted to write up a list of the many sources of good, free indie music downloads that are out there…   Maybe that’d be a good holiday post..?

Where do you get your free music?  And how do you "shop" for (or learn about) new bands?







6 responses to “Free Music Downloads: How Not to Piss People Off”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    I learn about new music from Garagespin… and friends, either online or offline. Too many good indie music blogs to need to stray from them.

  2. MikeB Avatar

    Absolutely agree. I’ve actually been learning about a lot of new bands while using Pandora, lately.

  3. Jay Avatar

    I’ve heard about a lot of newer bands through Pandora as well. Also, Sirius radio plays all kinds of underground stuff. And, unfortunately, Myspace as well, though I feel weird admitting that in public.

  4. MikeB Avatar

    I’ve heard good things about both Sirius and XM for that. Quite a few podcasts and Mp3 blogs as well. MySpace…eh…it’s a little too much work to sift through everything, though there are definitely som great bands frequenting its pages…

  5. eNuminous Avatar

    I’ve found some great music by checking out and and also at the newly (they say) revamped, all of which now host my own musical projects, and I’d also have to add check out places like,, and then there’s always youtube. lol.

  6. Barbara Avatar

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