Free Library of Sounds, Audio Clips, and Loops

Songsnap sound, audio, loop libraryIt’s always nice to find decent free sound libraries that look good, work well, and don’t present some kind of a "catch" to use the audio.

SoundSnap is a new sound library that seems to fit the bill.  Over 30,000 audio clips have been uploaded by the site’s community.  It’s 100% ad supported, and 100% free for use in derivative works…and isn’t even Creative Commons licensed…so you can use it for personal or for commercial purposes.  (They suggest that you give credit to any sound designer whose work you used, but it’s not required.)

To keep the library fresh, it might be cool to introduce some kind of ad revenue share to the site to entice/encourage sound designers to contribute.  (But that may be a level of complexity that the site managers don’t want to introduce, since they neither have venture funding nor do they have any kind of administrative infrastructure..!)  Or maybe even some kind of a "create a loop" tool using some kind of "mixer" widget…?  But hey, this library is already a great start.

Absolutely check this site out when you’re looking for some interesting embellishments for your sound projects, or even just new ringtone for your cell phone.  Orrrr….consider slicing up an existing song you’ve recorded, and offering up a couple slices for free download on the site for marketing purposes…

Hey, I just invented "Audio Sample Song Promotion Marketing", or ASSPM for short.  Please think of me when you use that fantastic new buzz term.







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  1. deborah Avatar

    People always love to watch such audio and video clips with lovable music.

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