Finance Your Album Project…Through eBay!

This is one of the more ballsy steps I’ve seen a musician take to finance the production of an album: He sold himself on eBay. Well, not his entire self. In an eBay auction, Indian singer/songwriter Shayan offered one quarter of one percent (0.25%) of his life’s earnings in music in exchnage for 3,000 pounds. (including CDs, DVDs, concert sales, whatever) Crazy. But within three weeks, he found three investors. More crazy. I would really like to see the original eBay listing…it must’ve been pretty convincing. On the other hand, perhaps the arrangement will generate enough buzz and PR to make it worthwhile. Hey, I’m writing about it…a GarageSpin mention is worth almost 3000 pounds, right? 😉 Shayan’s story reminds me a little of ArtistShare, an Internet-based music delivery service that helps musicians fund album production through their fans. It’s fascinating to see functions normally reserved for record labels evolve into artist-managed endeavors… Sweet. (Thanks, Taylor, for pointing out the story) ]]>






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