Finally Created a MySpace Band Profile…Be My Friend

DreamSpin band profile on MySpaceI was finally able to create a MySpace profile for my music — If you’re on MySpace, feel free to add me as a friend: 

After having no luck converting my accidental Myspace "personal profile" into a "band profile", I finally deleted the whole account and started from scratch, thanks to a suggestion from Des at Home Tracked.  (Deleting bites, but you can’t ignore a social network that has 90,000,000+ registered users on it.)

I played around with a bunch of MySpace layout editors, but most of them produced code that didn’t fully work…a lot of the page’s attributes remained unaffected by the code that was supposed to be formatting it (header fonts and colors remaining staying default, etc).  So finally, I just "borrowed" code from a site whose profile WAS working, and edited all the font/color/background/image info to make it my own.  I got the background images from Doobix (there’s a huge selection), and added a couple "hide" code tweaks from MySpaceScripts to hide stuff like the MySpace nav links at the top of the page.  The Visibone Color Lab was pretty useful for trying different background/font color combinations to see if anything was going to be buzzy or difficult-to-read.

…Yeah, so it’s very BEIGE right now; but at least it’s a little different, as well as easily editable.  Maybe I’ll make it uglier with some free music video codes

Be my friend…P-P-PULEASE..??







15 responses to “Finally Created a MySpace Band Profile…Be My Friend”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    dude, that sounds like a lot of work…

  2. MikeB Avatar

    I’m ashamed to admit that I did indeed spend several hours, first 1) testing to make sure I actually COULD delete my account, and start from scratch with the same URL and user ID, and then 2) trying out multiple layout editors (which failed), and finally just creating my own hacked code.

    Fortunately, I did it all during my two weeks off, so the sleep deprivation was minimal. 🙂

  3. Jay Avatar

    Some of us already ARE your friend. J/K – great work, Mike.

  4. MikeB Avatar

    Hey, and I’m quite fortunate for that, Jay. And see you soon, actually; let me know if you want to check out the ol’ mandolin.

  5. Orchard Avatar

    Yes yes yes! Being one’s friend is really the most important thing these days in life, such as they are. But the thing is that myspace seemed to think that a girl such as I was not old enough to have such a site all to herself and now when I try to get a new site, because I have the name and email, such as I have, it just does not believe that whatever age I had accidentally typed before is rather false. So that is my dilemma on myspace, and it does quite seem that the site, while popular, has a few of these idiocincricies that make life on myspace just not happen at all, or at least for a while, but when I am on, I will add you as soon as I am able!

  6. MikeB Avatar

    Hi Orchard,
    Hey, well, when you’re old enough for MySpace, I look forward to being your friend as well. Your blog is quite colorful, and has quite an interesting aray of illustrative images… Cool stuff! 🙂

  7. Stumbows Avatar

    Hi There,

    I have too have a profile that i want to make into a band one but yet have had no luck converting it but i cannot for the life of me anywhere find how to create a new band profile can you please tell me where you went to create a band profile thanks…

  8. MikeB Avatar

    Hi Stumbows,
    Unfortunately, I was never able to “convert” my personal profile into a band profile. Instead, I deleted my profile account to free up the user ID and URL, then started from scracth. I.e. I created a new band profile, re-used the ID I was using before, and chose the same URL I was using before.

    That worked for me, because I hadn’t done much with my profile at that point; if you’ve already invested time and energy, it might not be worth it to you. As an alternative, you could look into different music widgets codes that allow you to host music at another site, and post it on your myspace site. Or, create a new ‘band’ profile.

    Best of luck!

  9. jehan Avatar

    hi, this is probably a very stupid wuestion but where can i find my mysoave user id?

  10. MikeB Avatar

    Hi Jehan,
    It depends on whether you have a MySpace “band profile” or a Myspace “personal profile”.

    In a “band profile”, your user ID is actually your band name. You can see this by going to “Edit Band Profile”, then “Edit Band Info”, then “Basic Info”.

    In a “personal profile”, your user ID is your “Username/IM Name”. You can see it by going to the “Edit Profile” page, and then by going to the “Basic Info” page.

    ‘Hope this helps.

  11. anthony Avatar

    How to get a basic info in a MySpace Band Page

  12. lauren Avatar

    hey how do you make a band profile?

  13. garagespin Avatar

    Go to the “Music” section on MySpace first. (NOT the “Register/Join” page, that will only create a normal MySpace profile). Then look for the link to create a new band page. Good luck!

  14. Billy Avatar

    Hey How Do You Turn The Personal Profile Into A Band Profile???
    its really aggravating!
    Peace And Thanks

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