Favicons, PageRank, and DreamSpin

I can hardly contain myself.

First, I successfully changed by Favicon from  GarageSpin favicon to GarageSpin favicon.  (i.e. "Favorite icon", an icon that is tied to your URL, that can be seen in Firefox or ‘Favorite Page’ lists)  Sweet, huh?

Second, GarageSpin jumped from a pagerank of 5 to a pagerank of 6 a couple days ago.  I hope it lasts…

Third, I’ll be posting my (DreamSpin’s) first song draft soon, hooray.  Now I need to decide how to organize music going forward.  Do I create a "Music" page?  An individual "Song" page?  Offer streaming, downloading, and/or purchasing options for the song?

Any suggestions for transitioning a music blog into a music/band blog?  How can I make this site better (besides finding a web designer who actually knows what he’s doing…)?







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  1. Moose Avatar

    I don’t know the answer to that but I could really use one. Specifically, my question is “what are the best options for hosting mp3s on a blog for free download?” Or is off site hosting better? If so – where?

    Ok so that’s 3 questions 😉

  2. Jenny J Avatar
    Jenny J

    Hm…well, I for one would LOVE to hear your music. I don’t know the best way to set it up either, but I’d say, maybe have a little blob on one side saying “NEW INDIE MUSIC” or something, and then we get to hear a new song a day. And then still have a section for Dreamspin…

    Well, don’t know how much help that is, but I am really excited to see the new music!

  3. Jenny J Avatar
    Jenny J

    btw–i LOVE the little g with the headphones around it in your url thing! cool!

  4. MikeB Avatar

    Moose: Great questions, I’m looking into those myself as well. Right now, my plan is to post mp3s everywhere…it’s all about distribution and exposure. MySpace, TagWorld, SoundClick, GarageBand, etc (all have free hosting options options). However, hosting the music on your own site is key as well; but it’s a question of either physically hosting the music at your site, or doing so at TagWorld, and pasting “widget” code on your site that can play it.

    Either way is probably fine. The only problem (a good problem to have) would be if your music exploded, and a ton of traffic results in your site being shut down due to bandwidth. In that case, looking for a “widget” option may be best…

    Let us know what you end up doing!


  5. MikeB Avatar

    Jenny J: Great suggestion…I’ve been thinking of doing something like that for a while (having a “Song A Day” type deal). I’d love to, but I wonder if I can keep it up… It’s definitely worth considering — thanks!


  6. Moose Avatar

    thanks for the tips Mike, very helpful 🙂

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