Emusic is Giving Away Free Music…Every Day

eMusic’s benevolence is limited to one free Mp3 a day, but I suppose that’s better than zilch. I may very well plug their “Free Daily Download Widget” into GarageSpin’s sidebar, as long as it doesn’t mess with the site’s template too much. Here’s what it looks like:

If one mp3 a day isn’t enough for you, try 25 free mp3 downloads…which is what you get if you sign up for an eMusic Free Trial.  (You can actually sign up, download 25 tracks, ‘n’ ditch…which they’re probably not too fond of, but the model must work for them as they’ve been offering the free trial for several years, now.) Also worth mentioning is their launch of an eMusic Facebook App, which subscribers can use to show off their music stuff for the FB world to see.]]>






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