Edirol Joins Cakewalk, Microsoft, M-Audio in 64-Bit Space

One of Edirol's 64-bit compatable keyboards, the PCR-M30 Edirol Corporation joins Cakewalk, Microsoft, and M-Audio on the growing list of players offering 64-bit compatable audio processing hardware and software. Edirol products incorporating the 64-bit drivers include a line of Edirol keyboards and MIDI and USB interfaces. What’s the benefit of 64-bit processing and audio to digital audio home recording studio musicians? Edirol explains:

64-bit processing allows applications to extend the amount of RAM available for music production on the PC to 1 terabyte (1024 GB), well beyond the current 2 GB limit offered by today’s 32-bit applications. This provides users with nearly unlimited potential for working with RAM intensive projects that make extensive use of samplers and numerous audio loops and tracks.
Awesome. More on 64-bit processing at Sonicstate. ]]>






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