DIY-Only Label Launched

Simig Media Records Launches DIY LabelSimig Media, Inc. launched a new record label that differentiates itself by only publishing and distributing records that are wholly recorded and produced by the musicians themselves. I love love the concept, which is very much in the spirit of what GarageSpin represents. Only two artists, Tobin Mueller and Peter Greenstone, are represented (possibly the founders of the label?), and only one’s music was available for preview or purchase. (PR Tip: When launching a press release, be sure to max out your exposure by having all media ready for the resulting traffic; many visitors will not return) There seemed to be a lot of Apple product mentions, for some reason…(GarageBand, iTunes, MacJams…) Still, again, I love the idea of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) label, and I have no doubt more will spring up soon. (GarageSpin Records, perhaps?) The presence of many Netlabels already supports that trend, which is a natural progression for a world increasingly satiated with home recording studios. Kudos to Simig Media jumping on the concept. UPDATE: I was informed that both artists’ music are now available for your viewing pleasure. A technical glitch has since been repaired. Check it out! ]]>



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