DIY Music Video by Chick-Core Rapper Girl Crusade

Last weekend, Girl Crusade (Tara), Gino, Xelle and I got together to shoot a music video for her track, "The Nose Job Song".  Armed with a digital camera (video cameras are for wimps), Vegas 4 (video editing software from 2003), and barbie doll knock-offs, we cranked out a video in 4 days.  Good times were had:

What do you think? Please give Girl Crusade a shout out on her YouTube page here — you can comment, rate the video, make it “favorite”, or subscribe to her stuff… Though I’m listed as “featured” in the credits, I never actually appear in the video, for those of you that are wondering. Gino was too good at portraying craziness. Tara did all the editing herself, and it was her first time ever doing it…pretty impressive. Camera used: SONY 5.1 mega pixel Cyber-shot. ]]>







4 responses to “DIY Music Video by Chick-Core Rapper Girl Crusade”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    I didn’t know there was a genre called chick-core

  2. Jay Avatar

    That is great! Awesome, awesome job to all parties involved!

  3. mike b Avatar

    Taylor: Sure there’s a genre called “chick-core”…Girl Crusade is its first member, silly.

    Jay: Thanks for checking out the video!

  4. Tara Avatar

    Thanks for the shout-out, Garagespin! The video was so much fun to do! Tape on Xell’s nose, the awful teeth and Gino’s psycho smile were my favorites! They were great!

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