DIY DJ Builds An FM Station for $1

DIY DJRaghav Mahato is the MAN.  Talk about DIY, he started his own pirate FM radio station by building an FM radio transmitter with equipment costing under $1, and setting up camp in a shack stacked with cassette tapes and a couple of tape players in Bihar, India. 

Now his station, FM Mansoorpur 1!, is heard by thousands of villagers.  He earns no money from it, but simply satisfies a passion for radio.

Imagine what this guy could do with some kind of budget.  Read the full story here.

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, Radio Raghav FM Mansoorpur 1 was recently shut down by the government for not having a license.  It’s unfortunate to see ingenuity rewarded in this way.  I wish the best of luck to Raghav.  (Thanks to Prithwis for the update in his comment below.)







4 responses to “DIY DJ Builds An FM Station for $1”

  1. prithwis mukerjee Avatar

    But unfortunately, bureaucracy finally caught up with him … his equipment has been confiscated and his station disbanded … see ..
    he is now struggling to stay out of jail.


  2. eliphase Avatar

    pls am a student in k.n u.s.t in ghana we ve been give work to do about designing abuilding plan on fm station so i want a copy of you f.m station.from Eliphase bennison

  3. denny Avatar

    dude if your studying about fm stations then shouldnt you have more of an idea on creating a pirate station

  4. Divya Avatar

    There's a better end to the story. Check the link below:

    Please mail me the originnal photograph of the guy if possible

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