DiSfish, New Net-Label, Uses Donation Model

DiSfish, is using a donation model to generate revenue for music released under a Creative Commons license. Any artist can upload music and artwork to DiSfish on a non-exclusive basis, and registered users can download and distribute all the music they want. Revenue is split between the artist (50%), Creative Commons (5%), a charity chosen by DiSfish (5%), and to DiSfish (40%). It’s an interesting spin on the model followed by Magnatune, which lets customers determine the price they pay for music, between $5 and $18 for an album. The big difference – DiSfish accepts ALL submissions, Magnatune does not. Hence, the average song quality on Magnatune is higher, and hence the minimum fee of $5. Each company is targeting a slightly different market. Podcasters — both net-labels allow their music to be included in podcasts free of charge, so dig in. Artists — Check out DiSfish, and consider submitting a song or two. A little extra exposure never hurts. (and now’s the time — the selection of music is just starting to grow, and you’ll have a better chance of getting heard!) (via Dave’s Imaginary SoundSpace) ]]>






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  1. Taylor Avatar

    When do you think MySpace is going to create a record label of just MySpace artists, pitching to MySpace users?

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