Digital Audio Home Recording Studio For Engineer on Budget

Audio Engineer's Starter Home Recording Studio Prior to Engadget’s Mac Mini Home Recording Studio post, Gizmodo wrote another, more financially cumbersome “recording studio how-to” post. It’s great if you have $5000 to spare and are looking to upgrade to a pro-quality recording studio.

All you have to do is order it, set it up, and go. We already made the hard choices. This starter studio features pro-quality sound for the audio engineer on a budget.
This is not for your average indie artist. While drool- and dream-worthy, none of the equipment is necessary to produce a solid-sounding EP or demo. Their gear shopping list includes: Microphone: Superlux CM-H8D Tube Condenser Mixer: Mackie B248 Mixer Interface: MOTU 24IO PCI Audio Interface Monitor: Fostex PM05 Powered Monitors Extras: Guitar and Amp Package (list doesn’t include software or PC!!) I propose more affordable alternatives: Microphone: SM57, MXL V67G, or Studio Projects B1 Mixer: Use your software’s mixer — no extra charge! Interface: M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Monitor: M-Audio BX5 Powered Monitors Extras: Not on this bootstrap budget..! That would bring your budget down from $5000 to under $600. Cha-ching. ]]>






2 responses to “Digital Audio Home Recording Studio For Engineer on Budget”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Thank you for showing us INEXPENSIVE alternatives to a lot of this sophisticated gear! I appreciate that so much, since I haven’t been able to do all that research and price comparison myself. Thank you!

  2. Mike Avatar

    You’re very welcome. The volume of products and services geared towards independent musicians and garage bands is skyrocketing, and it can be a confusing, cluttered world out there. I find myself looking to other musician’s experiences with buyin gear all the time!

    Thanks for reading!


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