Digital Audio Home Recording Software

great digital audio recording products for home users. Some of the bigger names are: music software screen.JPG Cakewalk (Cakewalk, Sonar) Digidesign (ProTools) Steinberg (Cubase) Sony (Acid, Sound Forge) FASoft (N-Tracks) Apple (Garage Band) Adobe (Adobe Audition, formerly Cool Edit Pro) Which is better? Yikes. Essays have been cranked out on this subject. I recommend you compare their product descriptions, compare what users actually say about the various music software packages, and download trial versions of the ones you’re interested in for a final weigh-in. Here are a few VERY generalized, haphazard, inadequate comments (is that enough of a disclaimer? ;): Garage Band is great for beginners, but only available for Macs. Cakewalk is only available for PCs, offering both home and professional versions. I’m not sure how Adobe has changed Cool Edit Pro, honestly; investigation required. Pro Tools is generally considered a standard for many professional studios, and therefore a good platform to use, but isn’t necessarily the best. Cubase is excellent, but is said to be somewhat complex to learn. Acid is great if you’re looking for a loop generator to pump out great music tracks quickly. N-Tracks is solid, and not very expensive. Whew. That’s my 5-second review. I would, however, strongly suggest conducting your own analysis. (The subject of music editing software is huge, and will return.) ]]>






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