DAW and Girl Crusade Project Update

Some good news – the new DAW workstation arrived over the holidays, and seems to be running smoothly with some tweak help from StudioCat.  We had some problems with audio drivers.  I use a Delta 1010LT soundcard, and StudioCat appropriately downloaded the latest version of the M-Audio driver…which performed horribly, and was also missing several customization options that earlier versions had.  So, we downgraded to an older version which now works swimmingly.  Sometimes, older is better.

Now the problem we’re having is that the DAW is still dropping out with a 25-track project I’m working on, despite the fact that the CPU meters are hovering at only 10-20%, and the Disk meter is hovering at around 20-30%.  It’s performing far better than my old machine, however, my old machine would only experience dropouts if the meters were hitting 80-90%.  Weird.

Still, we got a lot of work done with Girl Crusade‘s next song, "The Rumor Song".  Hopefully, we’ll have that for you soon to check out, as  well as my own next track, "Avalanche".  Cheers!







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  1. des Avatar

    Mike, I’d guess you’ve got the soundcard’s latency set too low. Especially with a fast processor, it’s easy to overload the soundcard’s input buffers. Increasing the latency (or buffer size, depending on how the driver is implemented) should let you use more of the CPU before seeing dropouts.

  2. shannon vance Avatar
    shannon vance

    i luv ur music

  3. shannon vance Avatar
    shannon vance

    i luv ur music

  4. garagespin Avatar

    Shannon: Thanks for listening to my song, so psyched you liked it!

    Des: Thanks for the tip, I’ll check out the current input buffer size. Another possibility may be the fact that I’m synchronizing with Reason 2.5 via ReWire — apparently, there have been instances of Reason not performing too well with other recent Cakewalk products. I’ll be testing that tonight or tomorrow night, hopefully. …Definitely looking forward to solving this problem, as mixing will be a b*tch if I can’t listen to the project all the way through..! 🙂

    Thanks for your suggestion, Des.

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