Crowdsourcing Album Song Selection With A Jango Focus Group

Passive Promotion (and artist Color Theory) wrote a great post about how he used Jango to determine which songs he should feature, and which he should cut, in his next album. Basically, he paid for plays, focusing on a demographic and music taste profile that fits his own style, looked for top performers, and made his selections.  The live market research enabled him to select the album leader, which is critical in retaining listeners visiting an artist’s music for the first time. Great, great, great mix of marketing science and music production common sense with an efficient spend. If you haven’t followed Brian in the past, he also crowdsourced the actual creative process by soliciting feedback from fans regarding song ideas, lyric ideas, song title ideas, etc.  Color Theory makes a great case study for modern day DIY music production.  Check him out.]]>


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