Crowdsourced Choir + Phat Video Editing

Virtual Choir 2.0 video is almost done. Below is a video of Eric at TED presenting a teaser of the project.  As good as the musical piece is, I have to say, it wouldn’t be nearly as compelling without the video editor’s incredible job mashing it all together.  Worth checking out.  (If you want to skip to the two videos he presents, go to 6:30 for Virtual Choir 1.0, and 12:00 for Virtual Choir 2.0.)






5 responses to “Crowdsourced Choir + Phat Video Editing”

  1. Katherine Avatar

    I am excited to see the final product of this ambitious project. It is too bad that they couldn't get all of these people into a bunch of recording studios and have something a bit more social than youtube. Very cool…thanks fo rthe share

  2. Ryan Avatar

    this is… moving

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Totally agree. 🙂

  3. rush my essays Avatar

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  4. write my essay Avatar

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