CrossDogs, Christian Artist Booking Service, Launches

Crossdogs Launches Christian artist booking serviceCROSSDOGS, a Christian artist booking service, will launch January 1 to begin connecting independent Christian bands with venues industry peeps including promoters, venues, churches, festivals, contests, agents, managers, merchandisers, producers, etc.

Membership costs bands $49.95, allowing bands to create an Electronic Dog Tag(TM) or EDT (an online press kit similar to what SonicBids provides) that they can send anywhere via email.

I like the idea of creating niche services to support niche genres.  However, I’m not sure I big fan of the policy that allows businesses to submit ads for free, and receive 50% of every submission fee.  I.e. artists are paying everyone’s bills.  The policy could lead to abuse, if businesses begin encouraging massive submissions, just to reap submission fees.  On the other hand, it’s a good way to grow a large venue base quickly (which is valuable for artists), and ensure venues aren’t spammed with thousands of submissions for a single ad (a submission fee introduces a spam "barrier").

I look forward to seeing what the finalized rules/conditions/pricing models are in January — I think there are genuine, good intentions driving it all, and hope the effort succeeds in helping artists book gigs.

UPDATE:  Brant Menswar, Co-Founder of CrossDogs, discusses the concerns I raised above, and clarifies some of CrossDog’s policies in a comment to this post.  Check it out for more details — for instance, all gigs are paying gigs, etc.  (Thanks for the comment, Brant!)  Good stuff.








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  1. Brant Christopher Menswar Avatar

    Thank you for covering Crossdogs and what we are trying to accomplish. You are exactly right that there are many companies who could and do abuse the system when it comes to indie artists. The “free” listing you mention is true, venues can list their opportunities to play with us. But in order to receive the donations(ie. 50% of fee) they have to select a Crossdogs member to play and the money that goes to them is for paying said artist. EVERY opportunity we list is a PAYING gig. Most averaging between 3-$400 per concert. We simply are trying to divert money given to the post office to mail hard copy presskits and put that money in the artists pockets.

    Our presskits are on-line as are Sonicbids, however; our presskits (EDT) are $4000 flash-enabled designs that include pics, audio, and video for the base price of $49.95 per year!

    I hope that clarifies some things for you and look forward to future reviews of Crossdogs.

    Peace & Courage,

    Brant C Menswar
    Crossdogs Services, Inc.

  2. MikeB Avatar

    Hi Brant,

    Thanks for clarifying the services offered by CrossDogs, much appreciated! Please keep us posted with news and updates.



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