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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet.” –From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2) Cool Band Name Brainstorming...The perfect rap, country, emo, or rock band name is an elusive find. We expect too much, looking for good band name ideas that spontaneously explode, speak volumes about our rock personna, instill awe in those that hear it, and easily translate into memorable URLs. Meanwhile, the list of unused band names grows shorter…as the number of aspiring rock stars sprout about. GarageSpin has laid out one possible path you can take to discover and own a good name for your band. 1. Think of a Cool Band Name Ok, easier said than done. Find it within yourself to create the ultimate band name. Or, try a band name idea generator… Random Band Name Generator Sites: Leon’s Random Generators – Besides a random band name generator, Leon includes random generators for song lyrics, chord progressions, and other amusing nonsense. Rock’n’Roll Generator – Simple, efficient…and not very helpful. The last run generated the band name “Rump-Shaking Unborn Folksingers”. My band name search continues… Band Name Maker – This band name generator allows you to insert an optional word into the mix. I tried a run with “GarageSpin” inserted; “Garagespin Tsunami” was the best result. (Or worst?) 2. Conduct a Band Name Search Conduct a Google band name search for your chosen name, to make sure it hasn’t been taken. Then, check… Band Name Registry Sites: ASCAP and BMI – Two performance rights societies with large rosters that collectively cover most active, signed bands, as well as many unsigned acts. Band Name – This site seems to offer much more than just a band name registry, such as classifieds, newsletters, and digital store functionality. The Band Register – A band registry, A&R Network, and band name trademark info (band names are trademarked, not copyrighted) are included in this resource. Check independent music sites as well, such as and, Phonolog (a listing of published albums), and don’t stop there. You don’t want to have to change your band’s name after two years of building a fan base for it. 3. Protect Your Band Name What if your name is being used by another band? Protection and ownership of a band name involve both “territory” (where is the band and its fan base located), and “priority” (who used the band name first?). The question is too large to cover here, so I’ll save the answer for another post. If you’re serious about your band, you will want to eventually trademark your band name. In any case, band name creation is a blast, even if you have no intention of actually starting a group. Do you have any best/worst band name ideas? Submit them below! (My band’s name is probably going to be DreamSpin…but I’m still trying to figure that out.) ]]>






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  1. Crash Avatar

    I always considered band name creation more of a feat of serendipity than a fun pastime. The king, of course, is Dave Barry, who would stop in the middle of a story about, say, the randy behavior of shrooming weasels, and say “(‘Boinking Like Shrooming Weasels’ would be a great name for a band.)”

    I feel the same way. Great band names, like nicknames and catchphrases, can’t be forced; they just happened to stick. (When you try to force it, you end up with a name like “N*SYNC” or “DOGFIGHT”. Need I say more?) Most of the time, they don’t make any logical sense, and nobody would want to take the blame for coming up with that. It should also be somewhat self-deprecating, since people who say they are cool invariably aren’t cool. Except that the pendulum may have swung far enough in that direction that people who think they can be cool by acting uncool are now actually uncool…I’m not sure anymore. All I know is that I’m naming my band “The Assmints”, and that’s that.

  2. mike Avatar


    What’s so bad about “DogFight” as a band name? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I agree — there seems to be no gauge for coolness anymore in terms of band names. The classic example, The Beatles, is a fairly lame name, but it didn’t stop them. I only “got” the joke YEARS after I became a Beatles fan.

    Misspelling commonly recognized words and incorporating single-letter abbreviations is popular in hip hop and R&B. Maybe a GarageSpin-derived band could be simply GS Zongz.

    Or Assmints, as you recommended…

  3. Brin Avatar

    Picking out a name for a band should include a google search. If you pick out a unique name you’re gonna get more hits. If you pick out a cool name like “Black Widows” but it’s just a common word or phrase nobody will be able to find you. So, the Beatles are still trend setters! LOL

    ~Brin – Listen to my podcast!
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  4. Phil Avatar

    I’ve been in bands with some of the WORST names imaginable that we’re neither cool, self-depricating or funny! Remember the movie Witchfiner General? Well we were Bushfinder General…get it? No, nor did the rest of the world and we were promptly and understandably ignored for the duration of our existence!

    Your name is SO important its scary so you’ve gotta get it right first time. However, you’re doing well if you can find one that doesnt sound like a naff cabaret act, a geeky boy band, a poncified, posturing rap act, a 70’s disco outfit or 60’s beat combo.

    I’m gonna call my band Sock Monkey for no real reason.

    1. Matty Hopkins Avatar
      Matty Hopkins

      I actually think thats a great name. Snappy and sexy.
      Did you like, find bushes? What did you do when you did?

  5. brandon holtz Avatar
    brandon holtz

    dont be fooled by my email addy name i hate rap..okay…now is twited misery or Mary of the burned better

  6. terri whitaker Avatar
    terri whitaker

    ummm. well im in a band and we play rock music and were bout to be on tv! and our bands name is called “The Band” yea so cool i play the piano so please email me if you have the time cause i always have spare time!

  7. ne0 Avatar

    dammit! i have the best band ever, with the best name ever!! but…. i went on your band name availability, and it was taken!


  8. jack plays a song Avatar
    jack plays a song

    i lyk ham ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Nick Morris Avatar
    Nick Morris

    could you think of a cool band name for us please!
    a band name for 4

  10. ALICE Avatar

    dear person,

    a band is a group of friends or co-workers that simply want to make music because they enjoy it.
    A boy-band surprisingly enough, usually dont want a hard rockin’ name like “hard-crap” or somthing – they choose something calm or pretty. This choice would reguarly be used for a girl-band liking .e.g. Blue or Journey South.
    A band name is a big affect on weither the particular band will go to the top or be just plain rubbish. Musicians choose a band they sometimes think is funny or different – such as “Echo And The Bunnymen” which my dad is a member of – so i should know a thing or two about band names!
    Sometimes its just a name of the singer like “Dido” Then what is a band name all about? Do you REALLY need an actual band name?

  11. Jason pereira Avatar

    sometimes i like to meow

  12. Jesse Avatar

    ok i want to post a list of names for my band that are stil in the thinking faze please tell me which one you guys and girlslike? thanks:)
    Teen Experience
    Teen Taco
    Teen Neighborhood
    Teen Aftermath and the Realm
    J.d: Confession(album name)
    Filtered Rock
    Malevolent Flame
    Def Emotion
    terminal emotion
    sinister plan
    independant five
    fragile cause
    Juvenile Story Fusion
    Tragic Moon
    Perfect Story
    dawn of the pure five
    dark horizon
    tiple eclipse
    mirror creek?
    the micheal renner project

  13. vladimir Avatar

    i zink ur names are all cool, i gonna give zthem to my frussian friends. there are many thouzand bands in russia looking for those names, thankz.

  14. Dylan Mahler Avatar
    Dylan Mahler

    It is totally metal!

  15. Hannah Avatar

    We need a name for an all friend band. We play rock. We have four in our group. We need help. plz plz help us!

  16. Dylan John Mahler Avatar
    Dylan John Mahler

    25 to life is the life scentence for a murder trial.

  17. Dylan John Mahler Avatar
    Dylan John Mahler

    Hey, Hannah! A good name for your band would be “The Four Star Band.”

  18.  Avatar

    I hope Hannah gets it. Four star is a good rating, and if you guys make it big, you will be four stars!

  19. sean Avatar

    this thing is so gay you want a good band name here are a few of mine “wheaties box Rejects” and “Blueprints of Something Great” jealous o yea

  20. brooke and bree Avatar
    brooke and bree

    our new band name is the unforiving yeah man rock on!

  21. Jordan Avatar

    The thing that sux for making a name for a band is when you dont want something that just sounds stupid. but everything you think of is just that. Then u look at famous bands and they all had crappy names and they are awesome anyways so just have fun with it i think. Like my band= Scarcasm

  22. Jeremy cotton Avatar
    Jeremy cotton

    ya know what this site sucks you dont even get any sweet-a band names off here. I’m gonna go to a real site oh yeah what now. yeah im leaving now…peace..bye..i love you all my band is named Tuesdays Take Out, Wednsdays Make Out….yeah we have a drummer with a mullet.

  23. Caleb Lence Avatar
    Caleb Lence

    My friend Jeremy was right you guys need to have just a lot of band names on the cover….Tuesdays Take Out, Wednsdays Make Out rocks out loud

  24. Yogorio Mendeleeve Avatar
    Yogorio Mendeleeve

    I have alot of cool band names, but I wanna keep them to myself for now. If you wanna know a few, e-mail me at

  25. caleb Avatar

    Well i am back and Tuesdays Take-Out has officially made their first CD its freaking sweet you need to buy it. I am the lead singer/rythm guitar and i rock Our drummer has bung like 50 chicks since hes been in the band well peace out

  26. Jaycob Marsh Avatar
    Jaycob Marsh

    Please Help us. Our band needs a name we play rock and we just cant think. We have the youth and Liberal nine

  27. brandon Avatar

    i need a band name we have 9 members and are still growing we play hard rock / easy metal sometimes emo help!!!!

    ps. i had a coulpel in mind my personal favorite was back slash but the others didnt agree so do you think u could help us

    we thought…..

    back slash
    9 freinds you shouldnt have 9 more idiots in the world
    9 more pounds gained

    opion plz or if you dont like those could you please think of one

    where desperate!!!

  28. andy milonakis Avatar
    andy milonakis

    HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO.!!!! I love Napoleon Dynamite!!!

  29. tom Avatar

    names are so hard to find

  30. Harley Avatar

    yeah we need a band name Pronto! we played our first Gig and now we don’t know what to call our band. ( it sort of Country and Rock) But hey we sound good all we need is a band name Any Suggestions Email me!

    1. Billie Avatar

      Dude why dont you call your band Pronto???

  31. mark Avatar

    HOOBASTANK stole my album name!there newest one “Every Man for Himself”! seriously im NOT kidding

  32. Calum Avatar

    i think “Dreams Of Pain” is a cool name

  33. roxy jam Avatar
    roxy jam

    im totally in loooooooooooooooove with the drummer(ibbe)band called FASY.this is a band in maldives.

  34. some_body Avatar

    i think a band name needs to be a bit random like yellow pill or moonfruit or somfin so when your choosen a name think twisted. put words together like purple and dragon to make purple dragon

  35. Max Ballstein Avatar

    You can’t be 35340 serious?!?

  36. TDOG Avatar

    we’re thinkin bout makin a band…. we play rock and all of our first and/or last names start with a “T” we were thinkin T/Rock with a lightning bolt for the slash.. wudya think? if u have any cool, not stupid ones, email me pronto!!! thanks!!!!!!

    Rock on dudes!

  37. john Avatar

    people! need help here. which one of these names d’you think is/are cool?

    1. The Midnight Rockers
    2. The Zefyr
    3. The Karma Police (i know, i know, its a radiohead song, but radiohead got their name from a song too)
    4. The 97

    i personally love the first one. what do ya’ll think?

  38. tanner Avatar

    hey i am in a band we played in our school talent show.we are a rock band an we need a kool any suggestions?

  39. kylie Avatar

    he was up im startin a band and i can tell all the bwnd wannabies sumthin:
    it iz hard makeing a band name kuz the other members most likely have to agree.

    ours iz illusion reality

    anuther iz convincing chemestry and the wannabie mack-lol

  40. carly Avatar

    i like darke horizon thats it

  41. boo Avatar

    nice sight i got a good name for ya’ll suckers.

    Vampyric Addiction

    whoo i feel the heat coming from that name(:

  42. B.J. Avatar

    people are running out of good names just like they are running out of good songs. think about it, and yes it stands for blow job.

  43.  Avatar

    my band needs a name please someone where a punk band and we need a kick A name

  44. Matt Avatar

    So Im in this band and we had this name “For The Good Of The Film” but no one could remember it so we shortend it to “For The Film” and still no one could remember it. we would always get For the WHO???!? so Im thinking were gonna be “Adopt A Robot”

    1. Billie Avatar

      Shorten it to The Film or Robot Obssesions.

  45. amiee Avatar

    heyaa guyss me an mi bst m8s needs a band name wer both singers an we love things like drama n music n dancing please think thanx you x

  46. rushy Avatar

    ruin the year is a great name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooo

  47. Joseph Avatar

    ALRIGHT! LISTEN UP! IM IN A BAND CALLED ‘REGRETS AND ROMANCE’ AND YES IT’S COPYRIGHTED. EVEN CHECK WITH THE AMI. FINDING A BAND NAME WHEN U ‘PUSH’ YOURSELF DOES NOT WORK! relaxx. release your inner beauty, forget about finding a name. when u see sumfin catchy, take it! don’t wait! or go through ur iPOD and find a song name and use it.

    secrets don’t make friends

    falling in december

    ice cream, i scream

    show me cold

    mourning in secret



    urs truly, joe

  48. Joseph Avatar

    hey, its me again, JOE ๐Ÿ™‚

    if you guys need ne names for watso-ever band, i will be glad to help! i am 16, heres my e-mail:

    just send me an email or sumfin. and i WILL REPLY!.


    An Old Begining

    White Widow

    When Destiny Falls

    Sweet Sensations

    Bottom of My Heart (emo)



  49. christian rocker Avatar

    okay… first off i know that a band name is important, but i don’t think midnight rockers is that great of a name… it’s too plain… kinda boring… something like death confession… or falling out… or the year… or coalfire… i’ve had a bunch of awesome band names… i’ll tell you some of my old ones… dissidence is a really good one… stonecreed isn’t bad… from glory isn’t bad… stuff like that… that’s the kinda stuff i use

  50. james Avatar

    welcome distraction definetly

  51.  Avatar

    dude give me a sweet band name!

  52. little kippi Avatar
    little kippi

    yo guts nam ur band the stars if pain its a wicked name thought of

  53. little kippi Avatar
    little kippi

    yo guys i meant to say name your band
    The Stars Of Pain!!
    itrs sound and looks sweat witha logo

  54. U2 Mike Avatar
    U2 Mike

    Hey all,

    Have been in a U2 tribute band now for about 1.5 years and we need a new band name as we have found that there exists another U2 tribute band that has the same name …… who can come up with the best band name for us? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Names that are off-limits are “Achtung Baby”, “2U”, “Under a Blood Red Sky”, “Elevation”, “2U2”, “Desire”, “Feedback”, “Kite”, “Mysterious Way”, “October”, “One”, “Pride”, “Rattle and Hum”, “The Joshua Tree”, “Zoo Station”

  55. kc Avatar

    hey y’all i really need help thinkin of a band name my band iz gonna have 5 members 4 gurlz n 1 boy we really need help thinkin of a name that sounds kinda hip-hop n R&B or pop like so if ne of u guys culd give me a couple of good and creative names that would rock (we will remeber 2 thank u when we r famous) lolz thanx

  56. kc Avatar

    hey pplz i need help i am startin a band n we r havin a lil’ trouble thinkin of a name we have 5 members and hope 2 become a pop type band so if ya could think of some good name that would rock!!!
    peace out xo~kc~xo